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We live in an era of great changes that we cannot comprehend or govern: a global and individual metamorphosis that disturbs us and disorientates us. This year Terni Film Festival takes the challenge by dealing for 11 days with the theme of metamorphosis in all its aspects, starting with the great classics: Franz Kafka (with Alex Swanton’s film based on the famous novel, presented as a national premiere) and Ovid (with the performance of David Riondino, Daniele Mencarelli and Gabriella Compagnone with their voice, music and sand); social metamorphosis, with the role of a woman presented with irony by Annalisa Aglioti, a cabaret artist, member of the jury; the Earth’s metamorphosis, with the most frightening and unpredictable consequence: the earthquake.

We will not miss the issue of political metamorphosis in Europe; starting with the case of Catalonia, presented by Miriam Diez Bosch of Barcelona’s Communication, Religion and Culture Observatory Blanquerna, as well as the issue of Sicily – with the documentary in Southern Travel Contest. Including Terni, the metamorphoses of the Italian cities will be focused on during an afternoon meeting on Monday 13th in the library.

Obviously we will again talk about Isis, Islam and terrorism, presenting many films standing for the competition (such as Chocolate Wind, presenting foreign fighters coming from Russia) as well as meeting with one of the top experts in the field, namely Franco Cardini who will receive the Angel for the achievements in his career

Among the most fascinating films speaking about metamorphosis there is a short collage dedicated to the origins of King Kong, while the metamorphoses generated by technology speak of the Human Machine as presented by Adelmo Togliani. The metamorphosis of information and communication will be the focus of the evening devoted to post-truth and fake news, while the economy will be tackled during the evening with the innovative StartUp, the metamorphosis of a family as pictured by the film La mia famiglia a soqquadro, shot in Terni two years ago.

Then the metamorphosis of the human body will be faced in many aspects: genetic mutations due to nuclear radiation of the Chernobyl disaster, anorexia, heroin effects, gender issues, but also those that occur during puberty and those that occur in the world of entertainment, with its most famous physical metamorphosis of the Michael Jackson

Finally, the metamorphosis of the world in sixty minutes will be told through the film that closes the festival: The three ages with which Buster Keaton tells a love story along three different epochs in the world history.

Arnaldo Casali
Artistic Director